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Matters of the Mind

First Steps to Mental Health Wellbeing

Welcome.  I am Dr Kavita Deepak-Knights.  I am a Chartered Clinical Psychologist delivering psychological therapy to patients in the Windsor, Maidenhead and Slough areas.

Well done on taking the first steps towards either seeking some help for yourself or someone you may know. You see, admitting that we are struggling seems like such a small step to take, but in reality this is the first and often one of the most challenging aspects of seeking support and making real changes in our lives. People often have beliefs like, “I should be able to cope”, “what will people think of me”, “I’m a failure”, “nobody can help me”. However, by seeking support you are taking responsibility for your own life and your future and by doing so, each little step you take is a step towards the life that you owe your self to live.

I can write about how I see people changing everyday and how people REALLY have gone on to live their life’s true potential. BUT: you’re not going to believe me. You will only believe in change when it really happens to you, when you see those small wins, when you see that progress, when you do something you never thought you could or say something to someone that you never felt that you would have the courage to say. So what that means is that at some point in life, you have to throw caution to the wind and take a risk. A risk that could lead to fulfilment, contentment, change, peace and acceptance. There is a lovely little saying that I use daily : “if you always do what you always did, you’ll always get what you always got”. Moral of the story: sometimes if we want life to be different we have to take a risk and make those changes. Be brave, take a chance, this is your time….

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Location of Practice

Dr Kavita Deepak-Knights practices at:

Cardinal Clinic
Oakley Green

Tel: 01753 869755

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Please contact me for further information.

All sessions are 50 minutes long and full fee is charged for appointments cancelled at short notice (24 hours).

Self-funding fees are payable at each session by either cash, cheque or electronic bank transfer. For insurance company billing, please bring your insurance details, as well as authorisation code to the first session. Please note that you are ultimately responsible for any short fall in fees.

Further Information About Mental Health Therapies

About Mental Health Therapies

About mental health therapies

I have trained in several key types of psychological therapy, each of which has a different approach to resolving difficulties. As part of our initial consultation I will be helping you decide which approach is most suitable for you, or perhaps integrating aspects from different approaches to create a unique blend suited to you and your current difficulties.

Therapies offered include:

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
  • Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT)
  • Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT)
  • Family and Marital (systemic) Therapy

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About Dr Kavita Deepak-Knights

About Kavita Deepak-Knights

I am a Chartered Clinical Psychologist and completed my doctoral level clinical training at the University of Oxford. I work within the private sector, specialising in the myriad of adult and older adult mental health issues.

I am registered with the Health Professions Council (HPC) and am fully accredited with the British Psychological Society (BPS), adhering to their ethical code of conduct. I have full indemnity insurance and have regular supervision supporting my own clinical practice.

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Psychological Therapy FAQs

FAQ about psychological therapies

Psychological therapy can help you deal with any difficulties, life issues or symptoms of psychological disorder. It is a type of talking therapy therapy used to treat emotional problems and mental health conditions such as:

  • Depression
  • Stress management
  • Anxiety, panic attacks and phobias
  • Relationship and family problems
  • Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)
  • Bereavement

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